Hope for Survivors of Painful & Destructive Relationships

Christian Marriages should reflect the holiness, gentleness, and love of Jesus Christ, not resemble the shadows they claim to stand against.

You don't need to become stronger and figure out what the next step is. What you need is divine intervention and a love stronger than no other. It's time to surrender the broken pieces of your life, it's too heavy to carry alone.

freebie Guide to Finding the Right Attorney

Are You Worried About Going to Court?

  • What will it be like?
  • How do I prepare?
  • Can he take my kids from me?
  • How do I protect my kids?

Then you need this Guide to Finding the Right Attorney to ensure you get the legal help you need, and get your questions answered based on your state's law.

freebie Prayer Journal

Are You Hopeless and losing faith?

  • Will God be mad if I leave?
  • How will I get through this?
  • Will I ever be ok?
  • How do I teach my kids about God when I've lost my faith?

This 15-day Prayer Journal has prompts that will help you to seek God and work through the difficulties with him.

freebie The Journey Back to You

Are you confident in who you are?

  • Is it difficult to dream?
  • Are you questioning your beliefs?
  • Are you unsure who you are?
  • Is your anxiety starting to feel more and more like your personality?

The Journey Back to You will help you remember that God created you and learn to look forward to tomorrow.

A Place No Man Can Follow will help you...


Aren't ALL Marriages Hard?

All healthy marriages take work in order to build a trust and a relationship that honors both the wife husband.

All healthy marriages require the wife and husband to take responsibility for their part of the relationship.

All healthy marriages are supposed to benefit both the wife and husband nuturing love and trust.

All marriages should be a safe place for the wife and husband to feel their emotions and get their needs met by the other.

All marriages take effort and intentionality, and often there is difficulty. The truth is marriage shouldn't be destructive, even if you are going through painful things together. 

What if he changes?

One of the hardest things to reconcile in your heart is "What if He changes?" If you leave and he changes then all that pain was for nothing.

  • You know he can change.
  • He says he will change.
  • But you're still worried that if you leave you will miss the change he's promised.

Was it really that bad?

Second-guessing the events in your marriage can leave you feeling hopeless and your head spinning from trying to remember it all.

  • Was I to blame for this?
  • Did it happen the way I remember?
  • Was it that bad?
  • Dont we share the blame?

Am I sure this is abuse?

All marriages have difficulties and mine is no different. Husbands and wives fight, but does that make it abuse? It seems like a strong word.

  • Don't all couples fight?
  • Everyone uses abuse to describe normal marital conflict.
  • Abuse is usually physical, right?
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Go from Surviving to Singing your Heart Out

The pain, confusion, and heartbreak of today do not have to be what shapes your future. You may not feel like it now, but with God's help, you can go to amazing places.

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Here's the thing:



is not the hardest part.

A major part of surviving domestic violence is the emotional healing process. It is important to practice self-care and remember that it’s okay to take time for yourself while you recover. Utilize available resources such as therapy, support groups, and hotlines to further your healing journey. Additionally, allow yourself to process your emotions in a healthy way and don’t be afraid to reach out for help when needed.

Sarah Allman Domestic Violence Advocate

A Christian Podcast for Women

Heartsong with Sarah Allman Podcast Cover Art

No more crying yourself to sleep at night.


I will walk alongside you as you learn to rebuild your life again.

Heartsong will:

  • Take you on a survivor's journey.
  • Give you Hope and Peace.
  • Give you biblically sound guidance.
  • Answer really tough questions.

This is a place where broken hearts learn to dream again and trust God with all the shattered pieces of the lives they thought they were destined to live. So if you're looking for a great story, with laughter and tears, tune in.

Welcome!  Listen Anywhere!


Sarah Allman holds certification to work with Christian women in toxic and painful relationships.

Her advocacy training for domestic violence and coercive control, over 10 years of experience in the family court system, and her own journey of healing from intimate partner violence, have given her a good idea of what you face.

You are not alone!

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Sarah Allman Heartsong Podcast
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Glad to meet you I'm Sarah Allman

I am a certified Domestic Violence advocate who has a lot of personal and professional experience with painful relationships, abuse, coercive control and the family court system. I also, have build a beautiful, and safe life, despite it all, I want to help you do the same.

I live in Colorado with my new husband, Andrew. Together we farm and raise our children. I can usually be found sipping a hot cup of coffee (that we roast at home) or being followed by a corgi with tiny legs- trying to keep up.

I am a Christian on a mission to help women destroy the lie that they must "sleep in the bed they've made". Sometimes sleeping in this type of marriage bed is enough to keep the worst nightmares away- no competition there!

If you have been in this type of marriage then you long for protection from the wolves that Jesus spoke of, and at the same time feel unworthy to be the ONE He leaves 99 for.

I am a survivor of domestic violence who traveled across the Pacific Ocean with nothing but a toddler on my hip, a baby in my womb, and a suitcase full of clothes. And the rest?

I left it all behind!


Let's sing together.

It can be difficult to find your voice again when you are used to being quiet in order to keep the peace and walking on eggshells.

God Hates Divorce- 

Why would He help me?

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 Divorce- & What to Expect

Help with the Unknown

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Single Mothers and Survivors
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My Divorce was Complicated

Sarah helped me understand what to expect when I was going through a custody battle in court. She believed in me when I couldn't believe in myself. When I was able to ask her for help I felt so empowered to make decisions.


I didnt Know the First Step

I knew what I needed to do, my marriage was not safe, but I still had this belief that God would be mad at me if I left. I knew where I wanted to end up, but I didnt know how to get there. Sarah helped me to make plans that fit the peaceful and safe life I wanted to live and she helped me to learn to trust God with my hurt and brokeness.


I had Kids that I had to Think About

Working with Sarah made this process so much easier. Don't get me wrong, it was HARD! I just dont know what I would do without being able to talk to someone, like Sarah, who knew what I was going through and how I felt.


The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

Psalm 34:18

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