Farm Life is…

What is farm life really like? Living on a farm usually means there is hay in your hair and manure on your boots.

Collage of family doing different farm chores. Explains what living on a farm is like.

I grew up on the plains of Colorado. Though my family had goats and sheep I didn’t really get involved until I married The Farmer. Let me tell you, it’s been a journey. Farm life is hard, but I would not change it for the world. The lambs, calves, and kids have easily become my favorite part.

Farm life is full of laughter and tears.

I have grown to absolutely love all the littles that grow and learn. The lambs click their heels as they run and jump. The young goats that are escape artists, just to nibble on alfalfa all day long. And the calves that could quite literally knock you on your tush, with very little effort I might add. But with all the joy that comes with raising animals, there are tears too. Tears of having to say goodbye to animals that have made their way into our hearts. Tears from hard work that only paid in lessons learned. Tears of not knowing what the right decision may be.

Farm life is one of the best ways to raise children… Maybe I am a little biased?

I would not change anything about raising children on a farm. There is a peace that comes with the openness of the plains, and away from crowded towns and cities. Night skies make it great for counting stars or the magic of a full moon lighting up the earth as far as your eye can see. But most of all, there is a selflessness that farm life teaches you. And I have seen this developed more in my children over the years.

Farm is peaceful and quiet… and teaches perseverance.

I think perseverance comes before peace and quiet. I bought a couple of milk goats a while back, and I fell in love with my new does. Flicka was a great beginner milk doe, and the other was great for giving me quick experience. Ronto, my Nubian that resembles a horse more than a goat, was bound and determined that I was going to have to work very hard. She was never going to give me a break (I have high hopes for next season). I spilled so much milk. Well, I didn’t spill it, Ronto just kept kicking my pail over. Yes, it is alright to cry over spilled milk. There was a point we reached, Ronto and I, where I was able to enjoy the last few moments of milking. I would watch the sunrise and the yellow of the sunflowers come to life, while the birds danced in the lightening of the sky.

Farm life is comical.

Buddy is the farm dog, his job is to get the animals to go wherever The Farmer tells him. Bottle lambs are friendly and so is Buddy, their friendship usually makes his job tough though. When the bottle babies are big enough to rejoin the herd, they usually make good for a good giggle when Buddy has to work. The bottle lambs follow Buddy and are clearly confused about why he’s acting so strange. And Buddy is clearly agitated that they’re not listening to him.
Here’s the little peek into our life on the farm. I would not trade it for anything. I usually have hay in my hair and manure on my boots, but it’s all a part of (our) life.

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