domestic violence

Abuse goes against everything about God and His word… just as infidelity and abandonment do. We are taught that God hates divorce, and He does. We are taught that infidelity and abandonment are the only grounds for divorce, but that any other reason for divorce is direct disobedience to God. We should be careful to […]

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Abuse is like killing a person every day of their life and expecting them to stand tall and look pretty. I risk sounding like a scrooge in order to put to words what so many feel at Christmas time. It should be such a time for joy, and peace.Yesterday, I was writing some ideas down

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Women who try to leave abusive relationships attempt to leave about seven times before leaving for good. You might be surprised to hear that, on average, women in abusive relationships try to leave their abusers seven times before they leave for good. To me, it’s a wonder any woman can leave at all, with all

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Can your actions cause your spouse to abuse you? “If I start swinging my arms and you don’t get out of the way, then it’s your fault you get hit,” I remember so clearly being told these words when confronting my abuser about the way he treated me. And it makes me wonder, how many

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Are you adding to the confusion a woman feels when she’s in a toxic relationship? I understand the urgency when someone you love is in a relationship that is destructive. You find yourself thinking, “Why won’t she just leave him?” or, “Why can’t she see what’s going on?” But maybe these questions are not helping

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God may not keep you from the Lion’s Den, but He will bring you out of it. I can easily think of the lions I have seen in my life, all at the Denver Zoo. There is safety viewing them while they’re in their enclosures, where they are viewed from a distance. But it is

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Being thrust into a legal battle can bring on a whole set of emotions; mainly panic. And if you have children involved it can bring on even more anxiety. Finding the right attorney should be easy, and help relieves some of those feelings, not add to the stress. I am not an attorney, all legal

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Just in case you need some validation with these new feelings you’re having, I wrote this just for you. If you feel it’s time for something to change in your toxic relationship, you’re right. You don’t need me to tell you what to do. But a little validation is always nice. Here are the four

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