The Only Guide You’ll Need To Find The Right Attorney

Being thrust into a legal battle can bring on a whole set of emotions; mainly panic. And if you have children involved it can bring on even more anxiety. Finding the right attorney should be easy, and help relieves some of those feelings, not add to the stress.

Legal law image and justice scales with law books in background. When seeking an attorney prepare for consultation, known specific dates, have documentation ready.

I am not an attorney, all legal advice needed should be directed towards your attorney. The information discussed here is only for personal use and informational purposes. This is a tool to help you find an attorney and should not be substituted for legal advice.

What happens in the courtroom can be intimidating. That’s why I created this guide, for the sole purpose of helping you find the right attorney. You have enough to be worried about without the added stress of worrying if you found the right attorney. This guide will help you know where to start and what steps to take to find an attorney you can trust.
Here is what you will get out of this guide.

  1. This guide will help you organize your specific case information and help you to get prepared for your consultation.
  2. You will have a clear idea on which attorney to choose.

Preparing for your consultation.

Preparing the information, that the attorney will need, will help you to give important information and explain your situation. It can be hard to know where to begin, but it is important to be able to give detailed and accurate information. It will help the attorney understand your case better and eliminate confusion. Consultations usually last about 30-60 minutes; most of the time the consultations are free but some attorneys have paid consultations. These steps will help you get the most out of your consultation.

  1. You will need to organize important dates. These dates will include dates you met your abuser, marriage date, dates of birth for you and all parties (including children), and dates of any significant incidents that occurred.
  2. Be able to elaborate on the relationship and the specific events that lead to this legal case being opened.
  3. Documentation is very important and valuable to your case. These can be a list of dates and events you have kept track of, or doctors visits and police calls. Any medical records, Child Protective Services case record or police reports may be necessary too.
  4. Be vocal about what outcome you would like to see. How would you like to see the case end? What do you believe is in the best interest of your children?
  5. It can help the attorney have a bigger-picture-idea about your case if you’re able to tell them what they should expect the other party to say about you. Be open and honest with the attorney. Anything embarrassing will come out in court.

Where do I find attorneys?

Where do you begin to find an attorney? There are a couple of places you can find attorneys: Google Search,, and You can also ask around, someone you know, or even local ministries may be able to refer you to an attorney.

How do I decide on an attorney?

After you have met with at least three attorneys you will be ready to evaluate them. I recommend talking to at least three attorneys to make sure you have someone to compare them to. It can be hard to know if you only speak to one attorney.
Did they seem attentive to what you had to say and the concerns you have? Do you agree with the ideas they have for moving forward with your case? Did the attorney respond to your questions and concerns thoroughly? Did you feel brushed off by them at all? Did they seem knowledgeable?
Finding an attorney should not be something that adds more stress to you. Your situation is hard enough. Following this guide will help ease the frustration and help you to feel more confident about choosing the right attorney. You will also be able to present a clear picture of your case.

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