Navigate divorce, child custody, and putting it all back together

When it's time to take some scary steps in your life. You don't have to do it alone.

How I am different than other Trauma Coaches?

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I don't help in any area that I have not also lived in my own life. I have lived in the trenches and know what it is like to leave an abusive marriage, have had few believe my history, and fear for the safety of my children.

I help women rebuild their lives in the safest way possible. The choice to stay or leave is not up to me to decide. I provide a stable relationship that is full of encouragement and support. The solution is always is within her and God .

I let God do the guiding. I seek God and teach others to do the same. I do not rely on my own training or beliefs as I navigate my relationships with women in tough situations.

Let me be the first to say that life is hard. I know the things a mother must overcome when she is married to someone who hurts her.

It is not easy to make decisions in situations like this. But sometimes leaving is not the choice that is made.

A Place No Man Can Follow is not here to make decisions for you, but to help you with whatever you decide to do with the life you have.


Domestic violence can have grave, long-lasting effects on the survivors' well-being and future prospects. This guide dives into the day-to-day challenges domestic violence survivors face and explores how best to support them in their journey towards recovery.

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I suffered horrific trauma as I was isolated on an island with my abuser. Although, at the time I would have just described our relationship as difficult.

It was through the time I spent at Heart Song Farm, that I was able to see that the treatment I was receiving from my (then) husband- was abuse.

I was able to escape with my two young children.

Through my journey, I learned that hope is so healing.

And now I teach women how to use hope in God to guide them through the difficulty and pain in life.

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If I could go back in time and tell myself it would all be ok, I wouldn't. That may sound strange, but I already knew it would be and I prayed hard because I didn't know my future or what I would have to overcome along the way.

If I could talk to my inner child, though, I would have something to say.

You are learning to be creative with your pain, which will help you get through so many things and help so many along the way. Keep going, little one, you can do hard things.


More About Me

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One of the most difficult challenges domestic violence survivors face is rebuilding their self-confidence. Domestic violence can strip away a survivor's feelings of security, self-worth and control over their own life.

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It is essential that survivors be given the resources and support to rediscover their capabilities in order to develop greater levels of security and confidence. This can involve both tangible supports such as access to education or job training and also emotional tools such as mindfulness or group therapy sessions, and stories and guidance from other survivors.

Healing takes time, it does get easier.

Healing is a life long journey.

You don't have to heal alone.

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