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A Podcast for Your Broken Heart

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I help hurting and confused women dare to dream again and hide their broken hearts in the One who created them.

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It's not the fear of the unknown that keeps women in toxic relationships, it's the fear of what they do know.

Join survivor and advocate, Sarah Allman, as she shares her journey in taking back her life and strength.

You will learn to hide your broken heart in the One who created it, and realize that the strength you need to get through is not your own.

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Where does your pain collide with the God who loves you?

There is a beautiful thing that happens when God meets us where we are in our pain and messes.

Heartsong Podcast Sarah Allman

I suffered horrific trauma as I was isolated on an island with my abuser. Although, at the time I would have just described our relationship as difficult.

It was through the time I spent at Heart Song Farm, that I was able to see that the treatment I was receiving from my (then) husband- was abuse.

I was able to escape with my two young children.

Through my journey, I learned that hope is so healing.

And now I teach women how to use hope in God to guide them through the difficulty and pain in life.

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