You don't have to

have it all figured out.

I will help you learn how to take your broken heart to God and lean on Him for your protection and guidance.

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there is a safe place to hide

Your Broken Heart!

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Ways to Work with Me

Court Preparation

Learn the best way to choose your attorney, get your evidence organized, and know what to expect.

Faith Building

Grow your faith as you learn to seek God and trust Him with your life and the ones that you love.

Breaking Away

Learning to stand on your own two feet can feel impossible. Safety and boundaries are so important when starting over.

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You don't have to have it figured out,

I will help you sift through the confusing stuff.

Heart Song Coaching

Signs you are ready for 

Coaching with Sarah

  • Feeling stuck in your life and relationships
  • Not sure if your relationship is abusive
  • Lack of direction and what's the next step
  • Complicated divorce
  • Co-Parenting with a confusing history
  • No support system
  • Feel like God has forgotten you
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What is A Place No Man Can Follow?

This is a safe place for women to find support as they navigate their lives after divorce. There is so much God will do for you as you learn to lean into Him and trust Him with your broken heart.

Abuse can silence the song you used to sing. Would you like to learn the words again?

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."

- Anais Nin


I understand divorce... and abuse.

  1. God LOVES you!
  2. God has a plan for your life.
  3. God NEVER condones oppression.

I will walk alongside you and help you to your hope again. We will dig into all the stuff the world pushes onto you that brings confusion and heartache. You are not alone and you will be okay.

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